Bragging rights accompany Victoria Wellness Professional’s Olympics

The Victoria Wellness Professionals has opened the VWP Olympics. Encompassing 6 events from Standing Long Jump to Farmer Carry and Stationary Bike Ride, the VWP Olympics are meant to honour athletes and weekend warriors alike.

All VWP members are invited to participate.  The “events” will be held on Thursdays and Fridays each week.  Each hour the last 15 minute of each session will be devoted to run clients thru the events complete with daily total sheets.  Once each week (on Mondays) the best times/distance, will be posted for each event so athletes can see what the best times are and how they rank.

The gym has an Olympic feel with flags from all countries hanging from the rafters and an “Olympic flame” burning at the front of the gym to inspire athletes on.  Complete with gold, silver and bronze medals as well as a miniature Olympic platform for the medal ceremonies, the athletes will feel as though they are true Olympians.  Medal events are 39 & Under Men’s and Women’s  and 40+ Men’s and Women’s.

Events begin today and close at noon on August 31, 2012. The public will be invited to see the awards presentations at 6:30 pm August 31, 2012.

Events will be scored similar to the Olympic Pentathlon where athletes will be awarded points overall for each category.  Whoever has the lowest total points will be the award winners. Gold, silver and bronze for each Men’s and Women’s category.

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