Are You Fit to Run?

Can you believe it is Feb. 1 already? Seems like just yesterday when Xmas was upon us. Just over a week and the opening cermonies of the Olympics will be upon us. I have been working on this newsletter for the better part of the evening. Between watching the Grammy’s and the webcam from the Shibu Inu puppy cam, it took quite a while to get this done. If you want to check out the puppies, here is the link. But be careful, you can get caught up watching the pups:

With the weather turning to warmer and sunnier days, it is evident more and more people are starting to get outdoors and back to their favorite activies. This time of year also brings the start of the running clinics in preparation for the TC 10K.

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Strength Coach Mike Boyle wrote an interesting blog article last week about not using running to “get fit” but you need to be fit to run. The link tom the article is here:

The article is very true. Running is not the best choice of activity to get fit or lose weight. It has a high injury rate as most people that take up running are not physically prepared to do so. This leads to injury, frustration and eventually quitting. It someone does persevere with their running, the injury time continues to be high.

In a newsletter from last summer, I talked about the foot and its importance in proper movement . The article was done after Kevin and I had returned from the Perform Better Functional Training Summitt in Long Beach. One of the presenters, Michol Dalcout talked about movement preparation and the importance of the foot and how the foot allows for proper movement continuous with the whole body. To give you an idea of just how important the foot is, consider:

The foot is made up of:

  • 28 irregular bones
  • 30 joints
  • over 200 ligaments
  • 23 muscles

Unfortunately most people start running with no preparation. Sign up for running clinics fills up quickly, new runners are purchased and off they go. No consideration is given to strength training, core training or running technique. It isn’t a matter of if an injury occurs it is usually just a matter of when.

Running, whether it is to get fit or to run a race should be approached with a plan. Just running for running sake is not the best course of action. All areas should be addressed: a thorough kinetic chain assessment should be done to determine muscle strengths/weaknesses, muscular asymmetries and faulty movement patterns.

A proper strength training program that will address asymmetries, movement pattern correction, core stability and strength should be undertaken to not only prevent injury but to improve running ability.

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So, if running/jogging is something you would like to pursue, begin with a plan in mind. Seek professional help to get you started so that you may enjoy the activity and stay injury free.

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“Monitoring, Mentoring, Motivation”

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