Are You Commited or Just Passing Time?

As the summer holidays wind down, a lot of people will be thinking of renewing or starting anew with a fitness program. Having spent over 30 years weight training I have seen my share of people coming and going from public gyms. In most public gyms there is always a flurry of activity just after the Labour Day weekend as daily routines return to normal from summer.

One of the saddest things to witness is people starting a fitness program with great enthusiasm but unfortunately the enthusiasm wears off and a large majority quit exercising. I believe there are a host of factors that contribute to the attrition (poorly run facilities, no teaching or support from facility staff), but what it really takes to stick to an exercise program or anything for that matter is commitment and dedication to the task.

commitment defines commitment as:

“the act of committing, pledging or engaging oneself”
“a pledge or a promise”

Similar words: duty, engagment, guarantee, must, need, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow defines dedication as:

“complete and wholehearted devotion, especially to a career, ideal”

Similar words: adherence allegiance, devotedness, devotion, single-mindedness, wholeheartedness

Whether it is an exercise program, a wish to lose weight, a desire to learn a language, bolster your computer skills or whatever “task” you take on, one thing is necessary to see the task through to the end – commitment. Without committing yourself to that task you are giving yourself permission to give up.

failure and success

One trait you often see in successful people is a single-mindedness and a sense of responsibility. When it comes to sticking to an exercise program or choosing a healthier lifestyle you must develop this sense of single-mindedness. You must choose to make your exercise program or healthy eating plan a priority and commit wholeheartedly to it. No one else can do this for you. Yes, it is necessary and great to have support from family and friends, but their support will not carry you through if you, yourself are not committed or don’t have a sense of engagment.

what leads to success

With our clients at VWP, and some of them have been attending their workouts here for over 8 years, we know they are committed to their exercise programs and they have a sense of responsibility to their health.

If you are having problems sticking to an exercise program or healthy eating plan, ask yourself if you are fully engaged in this task. Are you committed with a single-mindedness to succeed? If you are constantly missing workouts or straying off the nutrition path then it is time to look at your pledge or promise you have made to yourself. Seek help if needed, and re-engage yourself down the road to success.


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