April 2008 – Laura’s Grand Canyon Adventure

Due to Laura's dedication to her training program at Victoria Wellness she experienced the Grand Canyon by foot. Congratulations to Laura for successfully completing her hiking trip.   "I was once a very athletic and energetic woman but career and family and life took over and I started to decline physically and was tired. I am the mother of 2 small boys and the wife of a very busy man. I decided a couple of years ago that it was important to take care of myself and get in shape and become the women in my head not the one I saw in the mirror. I started a program with Victoria Wellness Professionals that has not only given me back my strong body but a strong will to take on challenges I never thought possible.

Early this Spring I joined a group of 4 women who had planned a getaway to seek some sun and adventure in Arizona. We planned a 3 day / 2 night hike in the Grand Canyon. I had no idea what to expect and was told to get out there and start climbing stairs to prepare for this excursion. I told Narina and Kevin of my intentions and was then cursing myself as I endured many workouts with sled, squats and lunges! I was thankful their excellent training during the 19 mile hike in 20 to 30 celsius temperatures. I was amazed by not only the scenery and the grandeur of the Grand Canyon but by my stamina and ability to lead the pack. Yay for lunges!

The Canyon was an unbelievably magical place that drew me in. Even though the route was tough (due to permits we went down the easy way and up the hard), I had a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart! My joy in being able to experience this spectacular place lifted me up and helped lighten the load (about 30lbs).

The first photo of me with my backpack on was taken about 1.5 hrs and a mile plus up the South Kaibab trail, the jagged peak in the background is called the Zoroaster Temple. Boy was I glad to have trekking poles and a Camelback! Onwards and upwards…



Which way do we go? The group shot was taken in a welcome shady spot on the trail up with Sumtner Butte in the background on the north rim. I couldn't have asked for betting hiking partners, fabulous women and a spectacular guide.






I found the perfect seat to take a well deserved rest with a fabulous view down! The mighty Colorado River at the bottom with North Rim in the background and the South Kaibab Plateau in the foreground. Captured a bit of the grandeur and the awe!

I can't wait for the next adventure! Wherever that might take me I am sure now that I will be able to do it.


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