Another Great Recipe – Zucchini Pan Fries

Victoria Wellness Trainer, Todd Pelan has provided another great recipe. Try this great recipe for zucchini fries as either an appetizer or as a great addition to your main course.

Zucchini Pan Fries Appetizer


  • Begin by cutting your zucchini in half or thirds so you have 4 inch lengths of zucchini.
    • Next cut into quarters lengthways for mega thick zucchini fries.
    • Preheat a non-stick skillet, and add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil.
    • Take your prepped zucchini and coat in egg wash before rolling in spelt flour.
    • Just before carefully placing your prepped zucchini in the pan, throw in a big bunch of fresh Rosemary and Sage leaves into the oil – “things should be sizzling gently”.
    • Carefully rotate so each side becomes golden.
    • What you’ll be left with are Zucchini Fries crispier than ever, covered with light and crispy bits of Sage and Rosemary “.
    • As soon as they are added to your serving plate, finish with a dash of Nutritional Yeast Flakes substituting Reggiano Parmaseano.
    • Lastly, add salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste and you’ve got a sure hit which only took 15 minutes.
  • Enjoy,

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