Affirmation guidelines to achieve your ideal weight

By Melonie Dodaro

“To affirm means, ‘to make firm.’ Firm thinking leads to firm thighs!” – Catherine Taylor

Using affirmations that allow you to imagine the goal or results you want to achieve is a profound way to attract what you truly want. Focus on these thoughts and images when you’re waking up, throughout the day, and when you lie down to go to sleep, when it’s quiet and you can really concentrate. All of this will shift the energy you’re sending out and, even more significantly, the energy you’re attracting into your life.

Remember this: Affirmations are designed to focus you to go toward your goal. But without action, these affirmations will be totally useless. Affirm and take action now!
To give your affirmations more power and immediacy:

1. Make sure you state the affirmation in present tense. Never use the future tense. That only opens up your mind to thinking you’re not ready now. Know in your mind that it already is your truth in this very moment. Don’t use affirmations to deny something, such as “I’m not hungry.” Your thoughts are still on hunger, and what you think about, comes about, making it harder to make changes. You must stay focused on the goal.

2. Saying affirmations out loud is best. Looking in the mirror and saying affirmations is a powerful way to affirm your intention, especially when done with emotion. You can also say your affirmations with emotion in your head.

3. Put your body into your affirmation. As you say, “I am at and maintaining my ideal weight,” walk around with your shoulders back and head held high, taking fluid, light steps. When you add sound, emotion, and physical feeling, the affirmation process becomes a more powerful change agent, deepening the effect in your brain.

Here are some great weight-loss affirmations that you can use a daily basis. Weight-loss affirmations can shift your energies from a sense of heaviness and emotional gravity to a feeling of lightness and emotional freedom.

I move beyond past beliefs and embrace positive changes.
I am passionate about eating nutritiously.
I enjoy exercising regularly.
I choose food that gives me energy and vitality.
I am at my ideal weight and loving it.

If you feel so inspired, create your very own affirmations that resonate with you and speak them from the depth of your heart! You are the director of your life.

I’d love to hear your own comments, tips, and experiences as well.
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