As a couch potato visiting Victoria for just two months, I wanted to take the chance to get in shape just a little. Found Victoria Wellness and have now thoroughly enjoyed getting in shape with the help of professional, kind, fun, knowledgeable, wonderfully motivating trainers! 

Everything was attuned just to my needs and circumstances, the facilities are awesome, the other people coming to get fit are very kind. To my amazement, even though it was clear from the start that I would only be there for two months, I felt like I got a royal treatment! ? 

Thank you all very much for getting me started on working out – I’d never have thought I would look forward to or even enjoy sweating and being sore! ?

 Hanne Wacher – Nov 3, 2016

“Best. Gym. Ever! They have helped me to achieve my goals of losing 30 lbs* and adding definition. Very knowledgeable and positive staff!”

Suzanne DeStaffany

* Results may vary from person to person

“As a healthcare professional, the ultimate goal we have is the well being of our patients. For 11 years, we have relied on Victoria Wellness Professionals to assist us in preparing patients for the benefits of cosmetic surgery by improving their health before they undergo an operative procedure and, in addition, by helping them alter their lifestyle to realize the ultimate benefit from any surgical service we can provide for them. By thinking of the patients overall well being, we achieve a higher standard of health and cosmetic improvement.
Narina Prokosch and her staff demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and it is a pleasure to associate with them in this manner.”
Dr. Kenneth A. Smith, MD., F.R.C.S.C
Certified Plastic Surgeon

Victoria Wellness helped me gain my fitness after a serious back injury.

Teresa Keown (August 2013)  Victoria Wellness Client 9 years

2013-08-22 00.08.20
Victoria Wellness has changed my life in so many amazing ways. With Narina’s help I have shed over 30 pounds* and am on my way to shedding even more. My body is stronger and looking better than ever. Narina and team make the gym experience fun, comfortable and at the same time challenging me every step of the way.I can honestly say I look forward to my workouts.

Doris Spencer, (August 2013) Victoria Wellness Client 6 months

* Results may vary from person to person

2013-08-22 00.09.33
Fifteen years ago I was in a terrible car accident and seven years ago, I had spinal surgery (2 ruptured disks removed and a double laminectomy.) When I discovered Narina and the Victoria Wellness Center I was living in constant pain.  I had tried some other gyms but they were cookie cutter methods and were not tailored to my needs.  I just phoned her up one day and said, “Can you help me”? I really need help!  We met, she assessed me and she has put me on the road to recovery with a dedicated, detailed and careful plan made just for me.  The plan was to strengthen my back and core. I can tell you I have been working at it for 8 months and because of my training at Victoria Wellness I have been zip lining, golfing and travelling with my family.  My whole outlook has changed, as I grow stronger week by week and month by month.  I went back to university and I am planning on opening a business.  These are things I would have not even considered before.  The side effect of my new strength and exercise plan has been I have lost a full dress size* and I love showing off my toned arms.

Jessie Taylor Dodd 47 – Artist (August 2013) Victoria Wellness Client 8 months

* Results may vary from person to person

2013-08-23 01.20.46
I came to Narina in Sept 2004. Unfit overweight and dealing with a work related neck/shoulder.  I had never been in a structured fitness /rehab program and while I was working full time and taking care of my small farm, I was concerned about maintaining this level of activity without some serious professional support. I received that in diamonds! Narina has constantly challenged me and supported me physically and emotionally through some very trying personal times. Thanks to her,  I am managing the farm on my own, caring for my horses and staying physically able and injury free. Trust me. Emptying large manure carts, hauling and stacking hay requires balance, strength and understanding of body mechanics. I am in my ninth year and looking forward to many more. Thank you Narina

Liz Brachman (August 2013)  Victoria Wellness Client 9 years

“Being able to exercise for the first time in my life without hurting myself! I came to Victoria Wellness out of shape and with a bad back and shoulder. I am now in shape and all aches and pains are gone thanks to my customized workout plan. And Victoria Wellness also assisted me with my nutrition plan to boot! Extremely knowledgeable staff making safe and fun exercise their priority. ”
Scott G.


“The highlight of my experience working out at Victoria Wellness is that from the amazing training provided I am able to enjoy all that I love to do to the fullest…from hiking the Grand Canyon, to trekking the Himalayas and the beautiful trails in B.C….enjoying all that life has to offer with energy and strength!”

Mary P. (center in picture)  Victoria Wellness Client 8 years

“I have been with Narina for 10 months and with her encouragement and wonderful knowledge base I have been able to loose weight, and INCHES!!! 27 INCHES that is!!!* I’m in the best health, that I’ve ever been in. Narina listens to my concerns about my sore knees and develops programs with them in mind. She also gets creative to keep my interest in the new ones she adds. I do have my own gym set up at home and Narina has tailored my weight program to my equipment. She explains every thing thoroughly so that I leave the gym completely sure of the next step in my training. Narina is always there to answer any questions and to help with technique. I plan to visit her gym at least every two months for the much needed warm encouragement and expertise. Thank you Narina.”

Janet Feingold, Victoria, B.C.

* Results may vary from person to person

“I started working out with Narina Prokosch at Victoria Wellness Professionals, in March 2002 after being advised by a physiotherapist that recovery from a rotator cuff injury would take between eight to twelve months. With Narina’s help and guidance, we nursed my shoulder back within two months. After six weeks of an intensive ‘Boot Camp’ program, I achieved my weight goals which was to lose 18 lbs* and my body fat was reduced to 21%*. With Narina’s guidance I was able to reach my goals swiftly and without injury. Her training as a nurse coupled with her years of experience in fitness offers a level of safety that is not available at the average gym. By scheduling training sessions, she helps to maintain the continuity of your work out which reinforces your commitment to improving your level of physical health. It has been such a positive experience for me that I have recommended several people to Narina and will continue to do so in the future.”

S. Rochette, President, Victorian Epicure

“I first became interested in the idea of weight training through a plastic surgeon who had recommended Narina Prokosch’s program at her Wellness Studio as an alternative to reconstructive surgery. I met with Narina for a pre-assessment. Narina was extremely thorough in her testing and gave an hour and half of her time talking to me about my current condition, the goals and what I could expect from her professional assistance. During my time with Narina, I received excellent training on how to use weights as well as a wealth of knowledge about the physiological variables of the body when undergoing weight training. Knowing that I would need to continue my training in a home environment, Narina then developed a program for me that could be followed at home. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Victoria Wellness studio and have recommended Narina to my family and friends. I feel stronger, healthier and more energized and am very grateful to Narina for setting me on a path to wellness that will have far-reaching effects on my overall mental and physical health.”

Deby D., Victoria, B.C.

“I love the personal approach, and with the individualized program I get quick results*. Narina takes the guesswork out of fitness and health. For the first time in my life, I love working out!”

Aida P., Victoria, B.C.

* Results may vary from person to person

“I have never felt better in my life. In 6 months I have toned and strengthened my body and will be able to stay in shape for the rest of my life with the program Narina has taught me.”
Tracy C., Victoria, B.C.

Narina – “Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the program you set up for me. I am very impressed by your knowledge base and professional presentation of information. Both the visual and the written information has been extremely easy to understand. I’ve been singing your praises for the last week! Thanks again.”
Cher McK., Victoria, B.C.

After eight months of training at Victoria Wellness I am stronger than I have ever been. Not only have I lost inches and gained muscle but my posture has improved as well. I have never stuck to an exercise routine before and can’t say enough about the difference it has made to have a program personalized for my needs (the constant encouragement hasn’t hurt either!). I have nothing but good things to say about Narina and her excellent team at Victoria Wellness.”
K. Clement, Victoria, B.C.

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