A Member’s Journey Thru the Fitness Challenge

2-3 times a year at our gym we have a 6 week Fitness Challenge. The Challenge is to help clients re-focus their nutrition and exercise program and also to help educate proper eating and encourage a little extra work outside the gym. We all know that ideally we should be doing something physical for 20-30 minutes every day. If you wish to make noticable changes to body composition it requires a plan of attack and a follow through of that plan. For those that follow through for the whole 6 weeks, they all will notice pounds lost, inches lost and body fat lost. But there is always a wide range of results.

The more diligent clients are with their nutrition (remember you can’t out train a bad diet), the more noticable the results. One client, Heidi took this Challenge to heart and was relentless is her determination to stay on track and work her butt off! It did the trick and she came through with a 1st place finish and $1050.00 to boot!

The article below is Heidi’s journey through the 6 weeks of the Fitness Challenge. Thank you very much Heidi for sharing your journey and Congratulations!

“Six weeks goes by very quickly…if you’re on vacation in Tahiti. If you’re changing the entire way you think about food – it becomes an eternity. But for someone like me who likes to do things fast and who has only ever really extreme dieted for short periods of time, it is yet another example of how slow and consistent will always outperform quick and extreme.

The first week was done the old fashioned way. Eat as little as possible and work out like a crazy person. By week two, I was basically a zombie and realized, I would be dead in a month. Which is probably why I then spent the next 4 days eating anything I could find.

My Oprah Winfrey ah-ha moment came when I seriously decided to do this thing by the book. Three small meals, two snacks a day. Where have I heard that before. Guess what – it really works. For me, 1200 calories was going to do the trick. Eating every 2 ½ hours was the most important thing in the entire process. Also realizing that when you feel hunger pangs, an entire meal does not need to be consumed. A few bites of protein, does the trick and will get you through until your next meal.

I tried eating as little carbohydrates as possible. It didn’t take long for my family to encourage me to eat just a tad more carbs since the bitch-factor was becoming a little hard to take.

I found a protein shake laden with spinach and broccoli ( I have a fantastic blender) was my best breakfast option. Lunch either became what everyone else’s breakfast looks like-one egg with one slice of toast , or it would be a protein rich (small) sandwich.

Snacks would either be a pear, peach or apple. Dinner was very difficult as I’m a true pasta girl. I’d force myself to eat things like fish and yet more vegetables but actually really enjoyed how satiated I felt and believe me – there’s no better feeling than that of being full when you’re on 1200 calories a day.

At this point, I was finally on a bit of a roll and although I go to the gym every day, I decided to actually listen to Narina (took me awhile) and do one more cardio workout a day. A lovely 30 minute, thought provoking (Ok that’s going overboard) interval session on my treadmill at 8:30 at night definitely kept me away ffrom the kitchen. It was when I added this last morsel to the equation that things really started to happen for me.

It took me the entire 6 weeks for my mind to adapt to a this new way of eating. I no longer had cravings. I felt energized and strong and hey…some money on the table always makes for added motivation! ” Heidi F.

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