5 Steps to a Successful Weight Loss Program


Be committed to the program. Be committed to being successful. You must be 100% on board with what you want, the work involved and sacrifices that may need to be made. You can’t be somewhat on board. You must jump in with both feet, ready to tackle every facet of your weight loss program.


Without consistency in an exercise program or with your nutrition, you will not be successful. Going to the gym or working out for a few days, a few weeks and then quitting only to start again will do very little to helping you see the results you desire. The same holds true for your nutrition. Even if you “fall off the wagon” with your nutrition, the very next meal must be right back on track. It isn’t the little mishaps along the way that make a difference. It’s allowing the little mishaps to turn into bigger mishaps that lead to always starting over. The feeling that one bad meal or one bad snack gives you permission to just start over tomorrow, is a huge mistake. We all have little glitches along the way. Just get back on track with the very next meal and soon you will learn to not give up just because of one bad meal.


You must be realistic with the goals you set for yourself. Don’t look at the Hollywood star magazines and expect to look like some Hollywood actress whose picture has been airbrushed to within an inch of its life to make them appear perfect. This is not reality. Reality is trying to fit in a workout, plan for good nutrition, all while take kids to school, picking them up and driving them to all their various activities. And, oh yea do this while trying to hold down a full time job and take care of the husband as well!!

Pick a realistic vision that is attainable in a reasonable period of time.


Surround yourself with people that support your mission to better health. Involve the rest of your family. Sure, you may need to adjust your cooking to keep within the requirements for your nutrition plan, but it really isn’t that hard. Most people can benefit from cleaner eating with more fruits and vegetables with less dependance on pre packaged and fast food. The more you involve your support system, the higher your chances of sticking with your plan and being successful.

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How hard are you willing to work? If you expect it to be easy, then take up knitting. Making noticeable changes in body composition is hard work and requires constant monitoring. Not missing workouts. Keeping a food journal. Planning, shopping and preparing foods. All of these take time and effort. One without the others lessens your chances of success. Don’t set yourself up for failure by doing a partial job.

Gather your team, work hard, be realistic and good to yourself!  You will succeed!

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