25 Tips To A Healthier You

Here is a great list of my favorite tips to help you on your way to good health. My favorite is # 1 and #2 – what are your favorites or do you have one or two to add to the list?

Get adequate sleep.

Take time for yourself – pampering is ok!

Limit or eliminate foods with ingredients ending in "ose" eg fructose, sucrose, sucralose….

Eat breakfast everyday.

Ensure adequate protein daily – .8 grams per pound of body weight.

If at a desk job – get up and move once 2 hours

Include neck stretches into your daily regime; especially if you sit at a computer.

Find a good book, relax and read.

Delegate responsibilities, especially household chores.

Try to get in extra exercise each day – park in the corner of the mall parking lot, walk up an extra flight of stairs, make extra loads to carry in groceries. Try to find ways to add a few extra steps to your day.

Eat at least 5 servings of fresh vegetables daily.

Eliminate your intake of junk food. If you want results – this is not open for negotiation!

Eat fresh fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.

Include some hand/forearm stretches while out for a daily walk.

Don't miss workouts, minimum 3 times per week whether at a gym or at home. Consistency is king. You will not make progress if you miss workouts!

Hug your significant other, just because.

Workout hard, workout short and go home.

Avoid negativity; surround yourself with positive.

Cheer on Vancouver Canucks. Can you believe it; they made it this far!! I'm even watching; go figure……

Make sure you eat adequate calories – starvation and low calorie diets don't work.

Include stretches after every workout, whether strength workout or cardio.

Tissue preparation (foam roller work) and warm ups are vital to safe workouts and injury prevention.

Root for your favorite on American Idol (mine is Haley – who is yours?).

Use sunscreen; take care of your skin; prevent skin cancer. Yes, we will get summer eventually.

Think positive, be positive and smile – it's contagious.

Your body is like a garden; tend it well and it will blossom!

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