12 Tips to Motivate You Thru Winter Workouts

The weather is quickly heading into Winter.  Now is not the time to let your fitness plans slide.  With the darker mornings and evenings, it is definitely much harder to get yourself up and exercising first thing in the morning.

These 12 tips will give you some ideas to keep your fitness regime flowing smoothly all the way into Spring.

  1. Don’t skip your gym workouts.   If you don’t have a gym membership, now is a great time to check out facilities in your area.
  2. Hire a personal trainer.   The biggest motivation is having someone to be accountable to and to have someone there, to help you through your exercise session. It is much easier to get up knowing you have someone waiting to help you through a workout. Once you get into the routine, it will help keep you going through the winter months.
  3. Keep your routine simple. If you enjoy the outdoors, walking or jogging from right outside your front door makes it much easier to keep going.
  4. Create a Challenge for yourself. Review your goals and make sure your goal is attainable
  5. Dress the part if exercising outdoors. Wear a hat. About one third of your body’s heat is lost through your head. Wear clothes in layers, so you will be warm to start and able to take off layers as your heat up through your workout.
  6. If going to a gym, yoga class or pilates class – get some new workout clothes. Having something new to wear re ignites your motivation to exercise.
  7. Mark your daily calendar, whether computer or smart phone, with your workout times. Schedule an appointment with yourself and keep it! Plan your day around your exercise time and chances are you will not bail as other demands on your time surface.
  8. Plan a vacation at a beach. There is no bigger motivator that the bikini/bathing suit.
  9. Exercise to fight the aging process. Muscle tone and flexibility diminish as we get older. So there is no bigger motivator than to make an effort every day to stay fit and healthy.
  10. Set up a friendly competition with friends or your spouse. Set up goals for each to meet. There is nothing like a little competition to keep you in the fight.
  11. If you have a four legged friend – use it! Your dogs will never phone to cancel an exercise session. Grap the collar and leash and hit the trail. Your dog will benefit from the exercise as well!
  12. If you have been active all summer and fall, now is not the time to bail on your exercise program. You have come too far to let it all slip away from inactivity. Keep going and you will much fitter, stronger and leaner come Spring.

Don’t let the weather derail from your fitness mission.  Plan ahead, have the right clothes for outdoor training, solicit support from friends, a spouse or personal trainer.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, it is important to have strategies in place to help keep your healthy, fit and fabulous all winter long.

Please share below what motivates you through the winter in the comment section below.

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    2 Responses to “12 Tips to Motivate You Thru Winter Workouts”

    Annie Miller

    I agree on planning a vacation on the beach. It will be a really great motivating factor when you’re all dressed up in a bikini with such a perfect body. It will be a good way to lose weight because you will be eager to look good in a swimsuit.



      You’re right Annie. Nothing like shopping for a bathing suit to give you motivation to work out!


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