11 Tips To Fitness Success

Making lifestyle changes or embarking on a new fitness program is challenging and can be overwhelming.  Which may explain why so many try, but the success rate does not always measure up.  With some well planned strategies to help you get started or keep you on track, success will be yours.

Seek professional help:

I think this is pivotal to success.  Whether it be an exercise program or making dietary changes, seek out experts and use them.  Trying to figure out what, when, why and how can be daunting and it is impossible to reach your goal if you don't have a road map or plan.  A fitness professional can design an exercise program that will help you reach your goals safely.  After all, if injury occurs, there goes your progress right out the window.

Find A Workout Buddy:

If your plan requires you to workout on your own, or without the benefit of a personal trainer, then find a workout partner.  Just for the days when the last thing you want to do is hit the gym – your workout pal will help you haul your butt in there!

Be Consistent:

Success builds on continuity and consistency.  You must be consistent both with your exercise program and your nutrition if you hope to see any changes.  Going to the gym once or twice and then missing a week or two will do very little to helping you realize your goals.  Remember, without consistency you are always 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

Make It A Priority:

This goes back to #3.  You must make fitness a priority in your life.  That doesn't mean you need to spend hours each day, but you do need to do some exercise, preferably at least 30 minutes each day.  Make an appointment with yourself and your gym.  Put YOUR health first on your list.

Set Goals:

Yes, we have all heard this a thousand times.  But, it works.  Once again, without a goal in mind, we cannot make a plan.  Without a plan, no map = no destination.  The goals don't have to be long winded and elaborate.  But you must know what you want, when you want it by and what steps are necessary to make it happen.

Surround Yourself With Positive People:

You need a network of supportive, positive people.  This can include family, friends, your trainer – anyone who plays a large role in your life must be on board and supportive of your journey.    Negativity drowns enthusiasm and motiviation.

Try to exercise the same time each day:

Exercising the same time every day helps to make exercise a regular part of your day and your life = that equals a "good habit".

Look For Ways to be More Active Each Day:

Always be on the lookout for how you can include extra actitivies each day.  For example – walk to store instead of driving.  Park at the far corner of the Mall and walk in.  Use stairs instead of the elevator;  in fact, do an extra floor or two for some extra fat burning!  Go for a walk on your lunch hour.

Keep A Record:

Keep a daily record of your activities.  Record your workouts at the gym – your weights, reps, sets and exercises.  I still have weight lifting journals of when I first started weight liftin over 30 years ago. .  Sometimes I look back.  it is always a good chuckle when I notice my very first bench press was a "massive" 20 lbs!  Little did I know at then,  that 15 years later I would be bench pressing 225 for reps.

In your journal, set small "achievable" milestones and reward yourself when you reach them!   eg put a dollar in a jar every time you do an activity.  It won't take long before the jar is full and you have a nice cash reward to take yourself shopping!

Start slowly:

Remember slow and steady wins the race.  Many people start too fast, get injured and then never return to their exercise program.  As you feel stronger, you can gradually increase your duration and intensity.

Remember – bottom line is you still have to work.  You must create enough of a stimulus that the body must respond (get stronger, leaner), but not too much that you risk injury.  A tricky balance for sure.  This is where a fitness professional will be able to help.

Don't be hard on yourself:

If you miss an exercise session, try to go for a walk rather than feeling down.  You are going to have times when you miss a workout – life does have a habit of getting in the way.  But this is not a reason to quit.  It is just a temporary fork in the road.  Get right back on track.  The sooner you get yourself back into the routine, the sooner you will realize those healthy goals you have set for yourself.


With the right people in your corner you can be successful in your fitness goals.   Be commited to your goal, work hard and don't try to go the road alone.  Seek out help and together with your team, you will reach your goal!


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